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OPEN CALL for 1 Research Fellow position (12 months)


OPEN CALL for 1 Research Fellow position (12 months)

The Center for Research in Medical Pharmacology, University of Insubria (Varese, Italy), and the Movement Disorders Centre, Neurology Unit, Department of Translational Medicine, University of Piemonte Orientale (Novara, Italy), have an open Research Fellow position to work on the role of peripheral immunity in aging and Parkinson's disease, with particular regard to T cells as biomarkers of immunoaging and their relationship with frailty and PD progression.
The ideal candidate for this
Research Fellow position is expected to hold an MD or BSc degree or similar, and to have adequate experience in biomedical research. In particular, s/he is expected to learn and apply:
- flow cytometry techniques for the characterization of main innate and adaptive immune cell subsets in whole blood;
- cell separation and culture protocols, with particular regard to human T lymphocyte purification and culture from buffy coats and whole blood;
- ex vivo/in vitro functional models of immune response.
Knowledge of scientific english and documented ability to write scientific reports and manuscripts will be a preferential requirement.

The position will be last for 12 months. Salary will be 1.200,00 €/month (net amount). The position might be extended for additional 12 months upon positive assessment of results and availability of funds.

For detailed information about rules that will apply to the position please see here.

An official call detailing deadlines and procedures will be soon available. Potential applicants are meanwhile invited to submit a preapplication/motivation letter, together with a curriculum vitae including a full list of publications and eventual names for references, at their earliest convenience, to E-mail submissions must include the subject “Research Fellow position”.

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